Who is Essie? 

I was born in France in the 90s, a balanced mix of a French mother and a Togolese father which decided to give me 4 names. Yes, not 1 or  2 but 4!!! Essie is my 4th name, my only African name to honor my father heritage, and « Dh » is part of my last name.


I grew up in France seeing my mother making African outfits, and my father bringing back treasures from Africa.

In 2010 during a trip to the United States, I had the chance to learn more about the land of my ancestors thanks to my amazing cousin. She took the time to teach me about my African culture and opened a brand new world to me.

4 years later after achieving a Management and Marketing master degree I’ve chosen to pursue my life journey in Canada, where I moved on my own to become a better version of myself.


Always seeking for unique clothes, it wasn't until mid 2019 that I decided to learn sewing on my own and follow the steps of my talented mother.

Since the entire world has been affected by the pandemic and with urge to keep each other safe by wearing masks. I decided to contribute as well by sewing non-surgical masks for my close friends.
Then, in May due to the general lack of supply of masks, following encouragement I’ve decided to produce masks to the general public.

It is only in early winter that I’ve made the decision to formalize my work by a brand through this website and give place to my creativity to develop a growing range of accessories.
I truely believe that our Uniqueness is what makes us special and my goal is to create unique accessory pieces as unique and authentic as you are.
I feel that for each of us, there's a piece of accesory that speak to us and my mission is to create that piece.

I'm working on creating, making and shipping your items and hope that you love them as much as I enjoy creating them for you!
The collections are the result of a mix of ethnic influences from all around the world. The fabrics and patterns are African, South American and Asian (ankara, bogolan, kente, seigaiha, batik, bazin...)
Each product has a name, name with specific meaning.